I ship via US Mail.  I buy postage via Paypal so all seller to buyer communication about tracking numbers are created through Paypal.  Buyer can choose expedited shipping services on Paypal checkout.  I time order packaging to align with US Mail pickup time at my place of business.  Usually this means your package enters the US Mail system within 24 hours of order placement.  Time from order to shipment can be longer on days the US Mail system is closed (Sundays and US holidays).  

Country-specific import duties, value added taxes, delivery fees, or other costs that are not included in the price of the US Mail postage are the responsibility of the buyer.  International (non USA) orders default to the relatively economical first class mail which can be slow in some countries or can choose to upgrade to more expensive Priority Mail International.

Returns & Exchanges

I take returns and offer exchanges on current products.  When I transition to an upgraded product version I continue to support the prior product for a grace period (typically 6 months) just like a current product for return or exchange.  After the grace period exchanges will continue to be offered until inventory of the retired prior product is exhausted.  

Specifics on returns:

Importantly, I don't re-sell returned products as new product so you are not getting somebody else's return when you buy my boards.

My boards are high quality designs and well tested.  Returns for problems have proven to be exremelly rare (a total of three daughterboards in 2017).  

Private Communications

I welcome customer and potential customer communications via email or selling platform messages (my products are available through eBay and Pinside marketplaces).  These messages are private communications.  I will not post private communications in whole or in part in any public, semi-public forum, or redistribute via other channels.  Customers and potential customers agree to abide by the same - recognizing these messages as private communications and not retransmitting the communications in whole or in part in any public, semi-public forum, or via other channels.  

Privacy Policy

Hey, KAHR.US Circuits is just me - Rob... I'm not very private about that.  I do not retain customer information.  I do not send bulk emails to past customers.  I do not complain in public about private business.


By buying and installing my products in pinball machines, you recognize and own the inherint risks of installing new parts in old equipment.  KAHR.US Circuits cannot be liable for damage caused to my products by installation or use in a machine, problems with machines containing my products, injury to individuals installing my products or to individuals using machines containing my products, or damage to facilities containing machines that use my products.